Emerson announces launch of Roxar RMS 10.1

  • July 20, 2017
  • Emerson Automation Solutions

July 20, 2017 -- Emerson Automation Solutions has launched the latest version of its reservoir characterization and modeling software, Roxar RMS 10.1. Through advances to the seismic to flow simulation workflow and decision-support tools, Roxar RMS 10.1 takes collaboration and integration between domains a step further, supporting enhanced decision-making. RMS 10.1 is also designed to deliver ease of use and performance for productivity. Key features of RMS 10.1 include:

  • Seismic to Simulation Workflow. RMS 10.1 introduces extended functionalities within the seismic domain, bridging the gaps between seismic interpretation and geological modeling. Features include seismic resolution on horizons and faults for more accurate interpretation; better Snap-to-Seismic capabilities where guide points can be displayed in 3D as well as on intersection views to improve interpretation and quality control; new structural modeling features through robust pinch-out modeling; and superior uncertainty representation around faults. RMS 10.1 also comes with greater workflow integration between static and dynamic domains - thanks to an improved events management utility that strongly supports time-dependent data and facilitates both the building and maintenance of simulation-ready flow models.
  • Improving the Decision-Making Process. RMS 10.1 includes displays where users can co-visualize, compile and analyze data from multiple sources, provides fast access to critical information through RMS Data Explorer, and enables the presentation of graphical data through hard copy capabilities. Other features include improved IO (Input/Output) functionality and well data management features.
  • Interoperability improvements. Finally, RMS 10.1 provides the user with performance through measurably more responsive and faster views, and interoperability through the Roxar API (Application Programming Interface). In addition to the numerous performance improvements, RMS 10.1 now offers the ability to transfer data from the Petrel* software platform to RMS in a one-step procedure.

Emerson’s Roxar RMS reservoir modeling software isageosciences and reservoir engineering platform for seismic interpretation, well log interpretation and correlation, mapping, geomodeling, gridding and flow simulation. The software enables operators to integrate their data in one place and capture and propagate uncertainties across their workflows.

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