EPLAN announces launch of EPLAN Cogineer

  • May 11, 2017
  • EPLAN Software & Services
EPLAN announces launch of EPLAN Cogineer
EPLAN announces launch of EPLAN Cogineer

May 11, 2017 – EPLAN is launching EPLAN Cogineer, a software package that generates schematics automatically, at the 2017 Hannover Trade Fair later this month.

With one click, EPLAN Cogineer can generate complete electro-technical documentation. This ensures the error-free implementation of all defined rules and structures.

EPLAN Cogineer is fully integrated into the EPLAN Platform shared by EPLAN Electric P8 and other EPLAN software products. This allows users to create project data in EPLAN Electric P8, and then generate the schematics using that data in EPLAN Cogineer without any duplication of effort.

EPLAN Cogineer is designed to be a deployable tool for occasional users and power users alike. Expert knowledge about configuration or variant management isn´t required - just standard knowledge of how to use macros. A mechatronic rulebook and configuration interfaces can be put together without knowledge of any high-level programming languages. Nor does it matter if schematics are generated based on the functional structures or from the system-specific perspective

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