EVT releases EyeMeasureEasy (EME) image analyzing tool

  • May 16, 2017
EVT releases EyeMeasureEasy (EME) image analyzing tool
EVT releases EyeMeasureEasy (EME) image analyzing tool

May 16, 2017 - EyeMeasureEasy (EME), released by EVT, is an image analyzing tool. It uses different methods out of the measurement technology. The user can directly measure and analyze image data with only a few mouse clicks. The tool can be used for applications in the microscopy. The features of EME can be extended, so that it can be integrated into a fully automated, industrial inspection process.

With EyeMeasureEasy the user can display live-images, but also can save images and load them from memory. There are several different measurement options that can be carried out on those images, such as e.g.:

  • Angle including three points or four points
  • Distances between two points
  • Radius of circles including three points or n-points or automatic

The measured results can be shown via text overlay, list boxes or charts. The measurements can be controlled by the user through “start“ and “stop“ buttons, or the measurements can be carried out in a free-running measurement.

The camera options can be set directly and the user interface is a design framework for customized graphic user interface.

In addition to the measurements are the possibilities for calibration and the evaluation of color values, intensity, histogram, etc. Also, EyeMeasureEasy can optionally extended with over 100 additional tools for further measurements, code reading, image pre-processing, data-archiving, process communication, etc.

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