FCI introduces updated versions of FLT93S and FLT93F switches

  • December 01, 2017
  • FCI - Fluid Components International
FCI introduces updated versions of FLT93S and FLT93F switches
FCI introduces updated versions of FLT93S and FLT93F switches

December 1, 2017 — Process and plant engineers in search of a point level monitoring and control solution may find the FLT Series Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) is the answer with its dual trip points and relays, SIL 2 rating and full Ex agency approvals on the complete instrument. Point level monitoring and control are essential in many industrial processes to prevent over-filling or under-filling, as well as to provide a reliable “empty” notification.  Accurate switching ensures continuous plant operation without interruptions. 

The FLT Switch provides point level and interface sensing in liquid, gas or foam. It’s designed for heavy duty environments (FLT93S) and process connections requiring a fast, responsive switch (FLT93F). Applications include wet/dry detection, sump level detection, high/low level alarm and control, interface control in separation vessels, foam and sediment interface control, and agitation detection.

The FLT93S Switch can identify the interface between any type of media including foam, emulsion layers, liquids and slurries. The FLT93S Switch’s dual switch point option allows one instrument to control two different product interfaces. Two or more switches are used to control product discharge and intake at specified points.

The FLT Switch operates over a setpoint range in water from 0.01 to 0.5 FPS (0,003 to 0,9 MPS). Level/interface accuracy is ±0.25 inch (±6.4 mm), and measurement repeatability is ±0.125 inch (± 3.2 mm). The standard FLT93S withstands operating temperatures from -40 to 350 °F (-40 to 177 °C), and an optional configuration is available for temperatures from -100 to 850 °F (-73 to 454°C).

With its thermal dispersion mass flow sensor, the FLT features built-in temperature compensation. This automatic compensation adjusts the instrument for changes in operating environment temperatures to ensure the trip points will remain accurate and will prevent false alarms or alarm failures.

The FLT Switch is hydrostatically proof pressure tested to 3500 psig [240 bar (g)] at 70°F [21°C]. Derated with temperature, the maximum operation service recommended is 2350 psig [162 bar (g)] at 500°F [260°C]. Higher pressure ratings are available with special construction and test certification.

A selection of standard and custom process connections can be provided with the FLT Switch. The electronic control circuit can be integrally-mounted with the sensing element, or it can be located in a remote location. The standard enclosure is made from a coated aluminum alloy. It is suitable for use in ATEX locations and is rated for NEMA Type 4X (IP66) environments.  Stainless steel or fiberglass enclosures also are available. 

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