FlexSim announces FlexSim 2017 update 1

  • April 19, 2017
FlexSim announces FlexSim 2017 update 1
FlexSim announces FlexSim 2017 update 1

April 19, 2017 — The latest version of FlexSim's simulation modeling package, FlexSim 2017 Update 1, has been officially released and is available worldwide.

This update expands on the virtual reality support FlexSim has included since October 2015. The software now supports both OpenVR and the HTC Vive; combined with the existing Oculus Rift support, FlexSim is now compatible with the vast majority of virtual reality hardware used in the PC market. In addition, FlexSim is compatible with Oculus Touch hand controllers. These controllers bring natural gestures and finger movement to virtual reality, and will provide a deeper and more realistic simulation experience.

The new features of FlexSim 2017 Update 1 include:

  • Improved model interactions with virtual reality.
  • Improvements to SQL in FlexSim, bringing more usability to the database language.

FlexSim 2017 Update 1 combines simulation software, constant development, and support. 

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