Fluke introduces 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator

  • March 29, 2017
  • Fluke Corporation
Fluke introduces 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator
Fluke introduces 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator

March 29, 2017 – Fluke Calibration introduced the 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator, a portable humidity generator for calibrating a large workload of probes and loggers in the field or in the laboratory. The 5128A is designed for corporate and independent calibration labs where humidity measurement is critical to prevent spoilage of products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, semiconductors, chemicals, and food production.

The 5128A is compact so technicians can take it to the field for thorough, reliable multi-point calibration of humidity probes and loggers. In the lab, the 5128A reduces calibration time by at least 33 percent compared to traditional two-pressure humidity generators, which are slower to respond to humidity and temperature set point changes.

The 5128A delivers:

  • System accuracy of ± 1.0% RH for dependable humidity probe calibration
  • Humidity and temperature stabilization time for high calibration throughput
    • Rate of change for temperature increase is typically 10 ºC/minute; for temperature decrease 1.5 ºC/minute.
    • Rate of change for humidity increase is typically 10% RH/minute; for decrease 5% RH/minute.
    • A six-point calibration can be done in two hours.
  • Maintenance
    • A front-loading desiccant cartridge can be changed by removing the front cap and sliding in a new one.
    • Only clean distilled water is needed to operate the 5128A.

The 5128A RHapid-Cal comes standard with an ISO 17025 accredited system calibration and is backed by Fluke Calibration’s metrology and support.

About Fluke Calibration

Fluke Corporation is a provider of precision calibration instrumentation and software for electrical, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and RF measurements. Fluke Calibration products from Fluke Corporation are found in calibration facilities around the world, including National Metrology Institutes, that demand the highest levels of performance and reliability.  

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