GE Digital announces latest version of its Asset Performance Management solution

  • May 12, 2017
  • GE Digital
GE Digital announces latest version of its Asset Performance Management solution
GE Digital announces latest version of its Asset Performance Management solution

May 12, 2017 - GE Digital debuted the newest version of its comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, an offering that combines the GE Digital APM portfolio with the solution offered by Meridium, acquired by GE in September 2016. This combined solution gives asset-intensive organizations visibility into their assets’ status and health across the entire enterprise, arming them with analytics to help avoid unplanned downtime.

The GE Digital APM suite covers the full spectrum of APM services from risk assessment and asset strategy development through condition-based maintenance (CBM), predictive maintenance, reliability centered maintenance, root cause analysis, and inspection and compliance management.

While outcomes vary by customer type, GE’s APM offering is designed to help equipment operators optimize asset performance to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs and reduce operational risks, and decrease spend on unnecessary and unplanned maintenance. Additionally, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have the capability to expand monitoring and maintenance capabilities to their end customer.

These results come from GE’s control-to-cloud coverage and remote monitoring and diagnostics capability. These software models analyze and simulate real-world conditions to predict how equipment or a process will behave in order to more effectively manage cost and risk. Future integrations with the recently acquired ServiceMax will help industrial customers act on intelligence from the APM solutions and deploy services appropriately.

With predictive capabilities, the OEM can respond to parts and service needs as well as provide remote support, which decreases the costs associated with on-site engineering visits. GE’s APM solution also helps collect, organize, and analyze equipment health information from customer equipment to predict equipment issues and mitigate them before they happen.

The GE Digital APM suite consists of the following solutions:

  • Machine & Equipment Health – Near real-time equipment health and state. Analytics/Rules engine, configurable dashboards and exception-based notifications of potential issues.
  • Reliability Management – Predictive monitoring of equipment issues via digital twins. Collaboration and knowledge management tools aimed to improve worker efficiency.
  • Compliance and Integrity Management – Ensure asset integrity and compliance by monitoring changing risk conditions.
  • Asset Strategy Optimization - Tools and techniques to help optimize asset strategies across availability, reliability, risk and costs.

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