Hardy introduces HI 6020IT and HI 6020JB summing box models

  • June 01, 2017
  • Hardy Process Solutions
Hardy introduces HI 6020IT and HI 6020JB summing box models
Hardy introduces HI 6020IT and HI 6020JB summing box models

June 1, 2017 – Hardy Process Solutions announced stainless steel models in its HI 6020 Summing Box line with hazardous area certifications.  Summing boxes are a critical weighing system component that distributes excitation voltage from up to four load cells, and transfers each load cell’s performance characteristics and weight signals to a Hardy weighing instrument.

The HI 6020 Junction Box is UL, CE, RoHS2 and REACH compliant and now is rated for installation in hazardous locations:

  • HI6020IT-SSX-Y and HI6020JB-SSX-Y models include : USL/CNL Class I, II, III, Div 1 Groups ABCDEFG intrinsically safe per Hardy drawings  0594-0007 and 0594-0008 (Drawings are available for download on the Hardy website)
  • HI6020JB-SSX-Y-EX and HI6020IT-SSX-Y-EX models: ATEX & IECEx Ex ia IIC T4 intrinsically safe per Hardy drawings 0594-0011 and 0594-0012 ATEX Certificate No. DEMKO 17 ATEX 1819; IECEx Certificate No. IECEx UL 17.0009
  • All HI6020IT and HI6020JB also meet: USL/CNL Class I, II, III, Div 2, Groups ABCDFG (except -EX versions).  Fiberglass, painted steel and summing card options only carry the Class I, II, III, Div. 2 hazardous area certifications. 

Hardy HI 6020 models use two core Hardy technologies: C2 electronic calibration and Integrated Technician (IT). (C2 allows electronic calibration without test weights. IT offers complete weighing system monitoring and troubleshooting.) Weighing applications include: batching/blending, filling/dispensing, level-by-weight, inventory management and product inspection.

The HI 6020 Summing Box is available with a variety of options, including: IT, trim pots (for non-Hardy load cells), and a NEMA 4X enclosure in stainless steel, painted steel, or fiberglass.  A single HI 6020 Summing Box supports up to 4 load cells. To connect two HI 6020 Summing Boxes together to support between 5 and 8 load cells, Hardy supplies a TB6 Auxiliary connection between boxes. To support this feature, Stainless Steel summing boxes are available predrilled with six holes instead of the standard five holes.   

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