Indegy announces upgraded version of Indegy Cyber Security Platform

  • June 30, 2017
Indegy announces upgraded version of Indegy Cyber Security Platform
Indegy announces upgraded version of Indegy Cyber Security Platform

June 30, 2017 – Indegy announced it has enhanced the Indegy Cyber Security Platform to meet requirements for protecting multi-site industrial control systems (ICS) environments. The version centralizes the management and configuration of threat monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities across multiple facilities. This enables global organizations to protect ICS by maintaining unified and comprehensive visibility into all activity across Operational Technology (OT) networks spread over the country or world.

In a recent VICE News episode on HBO, Indegy CEO Barak Perelman is featured discussing industrial cyber threats and demonstrates how attackers can compromise a water treatment facility.

To support ICS activity monitoring in environments that span multiple facilities, regions and countries, the Indegy Platform now features a three tier deployment model that spans all devices and networks for enterprise wide management. This assures that all activities are tracked and analyzed to detect threats, anomalies and unauthorized changes.

For distributed environments, light-weight sensors are available in two form factors (compact rack mount or DIN-rail mount) and can be deployed on each network segment to monitor ICS activity between devices. They provide full visibility into all OT network activity by capturing all the traffic, compressing and sending it to the Indegy Management Server (IMS).

The IMS which is deployed at each site, gathers and analyzes data from the network and sensors for threat and anomaly detection. The Indegy Enterprise Manager (IEM) provides centralized management,  visibility and reporting across multiple IMS appliances and sites.

After pioneering activity monitoring and analysis of the critical control-plane in ICS networks, Indegy now provides a network-wide solution that extends the same level of granular visibility to all network activity. This complete coverage for ICS environments enables OT and IT staff to identify anomalous network traffic and unauthorized activities. For example, malware spreading across the network, unexpected changes to critical devices, unauthorized control-plane engineering activity, and changes in asset properties like memory consumption -- would all generate detailed alerts.

To reduce implementation times in large and distributed environments, new capabilities enable organizations to fully deploy the Indegy platform in just hours to  gain immediate visibility into ICS activity. These include:

  • Wizards that walk users through installation and configuration steps
  • The ability to fully customize all system settings, including the schedule and frequency of device snapshotting and network discovery scans
  • Granular role-based user access controls for managing the Indegy appliances

About Indegy

Indegy protects Industrial Control Systems (ICS) used in critical infrastructures, utilities and manufacturing industries against operational disruptions caused by external and internal threats. By providing comprehensive visibility into the control-plane engineering activities performed in operational technology networks, Indegy’s Industrial Cyber Security Platform automatically discovers all controllers (PLCs, RTUs, DCSs) on ICS networks, monitors all access and changes in real-time, and validates their integrity ensuring no unauthorized changes go undetected.  

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