Industruino announces D21G Topboard processing module

  • May 01, 2017
Industruino announces D21G Topboard processing module
Industruino announces D21G Topboard processing module

May 1, 2017 - Industruino, an Arduino based PLC controls brand, launched the D21G Topboard, the processing module of all Industruino controller models.

The Topboard can drive an industrial I/O Baseboard in the form of a complete PLC. It is M0+ based Arduino compatible PLC. It offers direct 24V digital I/O and 4-20mA/0-10V analog I/O control using Arduino code.

An ATSAMD21G18 MCU provides memory for Arduino sketches (256 KB), processing (48 MHz) and 32 bit (ideal for handling floating point variables). The on-board RTC can be programmed to trigger an interrupt at a specific date/time.

Additionally, software was developed for the D21G Topboard to upload code remotely via an Ethernet connection. Now users can deploy code from a central location, to multiple Industruino controller's installed in hard to reach or remote locations.


  • Clock Speed 48 MHz
  • Flash Memory 256 KB (16 KB used for bootloader)
  • SRAM 32 KB
  • 128x64 graphics LCD
  • 3 button membrane panel connected interrupts
  • TFTP Ethernet bootloader
  • RTC
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE
  • Part of Industruino IND.I/O (24V PLC equivalent)

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