Nordson MARCH introduces MesoSPHERE Plasma System

  • February 01, 2018
  • Nordson EFD
Nordson MARCH introduces MesoSPHERE Plasma System
Nordson MARCH introduces MesoSPHERE Plasma System

February 1, 2018 - Nordson MARCH introduced the MesoSPHERE Plasma System for high throughput processing of 3D and wafer-level packaging processes such as fan-in, fan-out, wafer-level, and panel-level -handling wafers up to 450mm and panels up to 480mm. The MesoSPHERE's  W3 three-axis symmetrical plasma chamber ensures that all areas of the wafer are treated equally and uniformly.

For wafer cleaning, the MesoSPHERE plasma system removes contamination prior to wafer bumping, organic contamination, fluorine and other halogen contamination, and metal and metal oxides. Plasma improves spun-on film adhesion and cleans metallic bond pads.

For wafer etching, the MesoSPHERE plasma system descums wafers of residual photoresist and BCB, pattern dielectric layers for redistribution, strip/etch photoresist, enhances adhesion of wafer applied materials, removes excess wafer applied mold /epoxy, enhances adhesion of gold solder bumps, destresses wafer to reduce breakage, improves spun-on film adhesion, and cleans aluminum bond pads.

The MesoSPHERE's chamber design and control architecture enable short plasma cycle times with low overhead. Plasma confinement technology uses a ring to isolate and focus plasma so it's distributed directly above the wafer, minimizing undesired secondary reactions. Process temperatures can be kept low because the ring increases etch rate capability without increasing the electrode temperature or adding bias to the chuck.

An handling system transfers round or square substrates and frame or bonded carriers. The modular design allows capacity increase on a per plasma chamber basis. Equipment front end module (EFEM) integration supports from 1 to 4 plasma chambers. A pocket chuck design provides accurate substrate placement and centering, for additional process repeatability. 

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