PcVue announces SunSpec Scanner to monitor solar assets

  • July 05, 2017
  • PCVUE Inc
PcVue announces SunSpec Scanner to monitor solar assets
PcVue announces SunSpec Scanner to monitor solar assets

July 5, 2017– PcVue announced a solar solution to monitor and control SunSpec-compliant solar assets.

The PcVue Solutions SunSpec Scanner is compliant with the SunSpec standard for interoperability across solar power generation equipment.  It provides for automated configuration of the communication between compliant equipment such as inverters, smart meters and weather stations and PcVue’s solar monitoring software platform.  Solar operations and maintenance (O&M) organizations and Independent Power Producers (IPP) that manage multiple PV farms using different supplier’s equipment can now have a consistent supervisory system to manage all their solar assets.

According to the Solar Electric Power Association, as large-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar projects become an integral part of utility portfolios across the country, managing these assets for optimum performance—physical and financial—has become a high priority for a range of stakeholders. Specifically the industry requires more overlap of asset management (AM) and operations and maintenance (O&M) capabilities.

The SunSpec Alliance is a trade alliance of over 70 solar and storage distributed energy industry participants, together pursuing information standards to enable “plug & play” system interoperability.

To learn more about this new solution, visit PcVue Inc.’s booth #9237 at the Balance of Systems Pavilion during InterSolar North America in San Francisco.

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