Phoenix Contact introduces MINI Analog Pro 'signal splitter' module

  • July 19, 2017
  • Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact introduces MINI Analog Pro 'signal splitter' module
Phoenix Contact introduces MINI Analog Pro 'signal splitter' module

July 19, 2017 – The newest module in Phoenix Contact’s MINI Analog Pro family is designed to increase flexibility in analog signal duplication, thanks to software configuration. Due to modern electronics and design, the 6.2-mm module can isolate inputs and outputs to 3 kV. 

Sometimes referred to as a “signal splitter,” the module actually duplicates the analog input value offering a maximum of 600 ohms load per output. On the input side, the duplicator accepts analog signals within the 0-12 V DC and 0-24 mA ranges. The two outputs can be independently configured within the 0-10.5 V DC and 0-21 mA ranges. With software configuration, the minimum increments of the output ranges are a very fine 0.01 mA and 0.0005 V. Using the configuration software, it is also possible to configure the module as an analog set-point module with two switching analog output values.

Like other MINI Pro signal conditioners, the input loop-powered isolator’s housing is pluggable with integrated current loop test points. The modules measure 6.2 mm wide. With an operating temperature range of -40 to +70 C, and multiple approvals, the MINI Pro signal conditioners are suitable for nearly every industrial application.

All MINI Pro signal conditioners support NFC communication and a smart device app. For DIP switch programmable modules, this includes a DIP switch programming aid.

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