Portescap introduces 22DCT Athlonix DC motor

  • July 12, 2017
  • Portescap Danaher Specialty Products
Portescap introduces 22DCT Athlonix DC motor
Portescap introduces 22DCT Athlonix DC motor

July 12, 2017 - Portescap has added a 22 mm diameter motor to its DCT line of Athlonix Brush DC motors. The new 22DCT motor is a result of Portescap’s 80 years of expertise in developing miniature motor solutions. The 22DCT motor, with a diameter of 22 mm, is capable of reaching a continuous torque up to 13.29 mNm at a length of  32mm.

The 22DCT is available with precious metal and graphite commutation systems with Neodymium magnets inside and is an ideal motor solution for applications such as medical and industrial pumps, drug delivery systems, robotic systems (bionic fingers), miniature industrial power tools, tattoo machines, mesotherapy guns, dental tools, watch winders, and industrial grippers. Other applications such as lab automation, security and access and humanoid robots can also excel using the 22DCT Athlonix motor.  22DCT is also available with a REE coil (Restriction of Electro Erosion) which prolongs the life of the motor and provides an environment of intrinsic safety especially at high speed conditions.

Component standardization and design modularity allow customization capability for samples across various applications. Athlonix motors are compatible with encoders and gearheads of various sizes and ratios and are also available on our online motor configurator Motion Compass. They are manufactured in an ISO certified facility, and are RoHS compliant.

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