Red Lion introduces Graphite Edge controller

  • March 28, 2017
  • Red Lion Controls
Red Lion introduces Graphite Edge controller
Red Lion introduces Graphite Edge controller

March 28, 2017 – Red Lion Controls announced the Graphite Edge Controller. The industrial controller offers scalable I/O and combines networking and data visualization with industry standard IEC 61131 control capabilities.

The Graphite Edge Controller is ideal for process and factory automation customers who require a rugged industrial controller with operating temperatures to control and monitor machinery in harsh environments. Tools give customers the ability to create logic controls using familiar IEC 61131 programming languages and to interconnect devices using any of over 300 industrial protocols, in addition to providing data logging and web serving functionality.

Red Lion’s Graphite Edge Controller includes Crimson 3.0 software featuring Crimson Control, providing customers with the ability to interconnect devices using over 300 industrial protocols and use IEC 61131 programming languages – such as ladder logic, function block and structured text – to solve specific application needs.

In addition to the integrated I/O slot for supporting small applications, the Graphite Edge Controller can be scaled for large applications using Red Lion Graphite Expansion Racks. The expansion racks allow up to 25 additional modules to be added to an Edge Controller. Modules provide expanded capabilities including analog and digital I/O, PID control, and additional specialized communication options such as DeviceNet and PROFIBUS DP. With aluminum construction and broad array of plug-in modules, the Graphite platform enables customers to connect, monitor and control processes to meet varying industrial automation requirements in both factory and extreme locations.

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