Red Lion introduces N-View 2 monitoring software

  • July 06, 2017
  • Red Lion Controls

July 6, 2017 – Red Lion Controls announced the introduction of N-View 2 software. This Windows-based application advances the functionality of Red Lion’s existing N-View monitoring technology with centralized firmware management and enhanced network discovery for select N-View capable N-Tron switches.

For industrial networking customers with multiple switches installed per location, N-View 2 allows scheduling of firmware updates by model, individually or in groups, with mass firmware maintenance and monitoring of multiple devices from a single application.

Features of N-View 2 enabled N-Tron industrial Ethernet switches include:

  • Device discovery and centralized firmware management
  • Identification and monitoring of N-View enabled devices
  • Scheduling of firmware updates by model, individually or in groups
  • Auto-discovery and network visualization of SNMP-enabled N-Tron series managed switches
  • Deployment of firmware updates for individual or defined groups or scheduling to update at future date and time
  • Identification and reassignment of duplicate IP addresses from the discovery window
  • Hyperlink from discovered IP address to device GUI for advanced configuration options

N-View 2 is included with all N-Tron series N-View capable switches.

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