Savigent introduces version 7.0 of Savigent Software Suite

  • January 05, 2018
  • Savigent Software
Savigent introduces version 7.0 of Savigent Software Suite
Savigent introduces version 7.0 of Savigent Software Suite

January 5, 2018 - Savigent Software, Inc., a provider of event-driven manufacturing operations management software, announced the release of version 7.0 of the Savigent suite of products. Version 7.0 of the suite delivers enhancements, including administration features, improved developer and engineer usability and enhanced reporting capabilities. This update of Savigent’s software suite introduces the Evaluator Framework (also known as Evaluator) – a way to exercise and test workflows and related systems.

The Evaluator Framework allows users to create a spectrum of tests (unit, system, integration and regression) for their workflow applications. Evaluators are integrated into Savigent Workflow, which supports both simple and complex development environments – including multiple users. The Evaluators automate the tasks of exercising and testing client workflows in order to create performant automations of their processes. Evaluators may be used alongside a staging server, providing end-to-end system/functional tests. Additionally, Evaluators enable mocking or simulated overrides to test certain boundary conditions or where the real data is not available or undesirable. Multiple test conditions can be set up using click and select options for testing any data within a workflow.

Multiple Evaluators can be grouped into an Evaluator Plan, this grouping approach allows for tests to be organized and run based on anything from capabilities to system boundaries. Much like a Workflow Application, these plans help with organizing and managing Evaluators. The overall summary and details of status (pass or fail) is provided in a chart.

The scheduling functionality ensures Evaluators and Plans can be scheduled to run on a regular basis providing a way for customers to have automated regression testing or provide a means to schedule different activities.

Version 7.0 also provides performance updates to Savigent Workflow, a controlled system for workflow automation, and Savigent Historian, a context-aware process data historian.

About Savigent Software

Savigent Software is a provider of Smart Manufacturing solutions and Workflow Automation software developed for the demanding environments of manufacturing companies. Serving both discrete and process manufacturing companies worldwide, the Savigent Software Suite provides a platform for manufacturing intelligence, systems integration and work automation. 

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