Servomex introduces SERVOPRO NOx analyzer

  • July 11, 2017
  • Servomex
Servomex introduces SERVOPRO NOx analyzer
Servomex introduces SERVOPRO NOx analyzer

July 11, 2017 – As part of its emissions monitoring analyzer range, Servomex, provides a solution to cover a range of emissions applications involving oxides of nitrogen.

The SERVOPRO NOx is an analyzer which uses the Chemiluminescence Detection (CLD) method to measure NO or NO/NO2/NOx concentrations, all in one package. The standard analyzer can be equipped with the Servomex Paramagnetic O2 sensor, and in addition there is a heated CLD version available for vehicle or engine certification testing.

The analyzer is designed for continuous monitoring of industrial stationary sources emissions, as well as ambient air monitoring. Using a photodiode equipped with a peltier cooler to detect chemiluminescent light at speeds up to 5Hz, the NOx is a solution for emissions testing in engines and vehicles.

Delivering an excellent from trace levels to 1000s of ppmv concentrations, the NOx allows for user selectable measurement ranges from 0-3ppm to 0-3,000ppm, all of which can be changed and recalibrated in the field, manually or remotely.

The standard version includes a Paramagnetic oxygen channel, internal zero/sample/span valves, and an internal sampling pump. A wet to dry conversion option is also available.

The NOx joins the SERVOPRO SO2, which uses pulsed Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescence technology, the SERVOPRO HFID which uses a heated-oven, Flame Ionization Detection-based  detector for total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane hydrocarbon detection, and the SERVOPRO 4900 multi-gas analyzer.  These analyzers offer a solution for monitoring NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, methane, total hydrocarbons, and non-methane hydrocarbons in stationary and mobile source emissions applications that require low level emissions monitoring. 

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