Sick opens up HIPERFACE DSL interface technology

  • June 14, 2017
  • SICK, Inc.
Sick opens up HIPERFACE DSL interface technology
Sick opens up HIPERFACE DSL interface technology

June 14, 2017 – SICK is opening up the HIPERFACE DSL interface and, in doing so, is making the technology available to all users. The HIPERFACE DSL open interface is designed to bring together all the advantages of a digital real-time interface: One Cable Technology, and continuous condition monitoring.

As the inventor of the one cable solution in servo drive technology and the corresponding interface, SICK is taking the next step in its innovation process. By opening up the interface, the expert for motor feedback systems is aiming to drive forward its development and HIPERFACE DSL, and to offer optimal solutions for motor and drive suppliers, especially in the context of Industry 4.0. SICK anticipates that opening the interface will bring in customer requests for a wide range of motor feedback systems. The interfaces to be supported by servo drives will be minimized and SICK will thus create an open market standard by opening the previously proprietary interface.

HIPERFACE DSL complies with the RS485 standard and enables data transfer between drive and motor in servo drive systems via two wires which are directly integrated into motor cables with a length of up to 100 m. Electric drives featuring motor feedback systems and an integrated HIPERFACE DSL interface have an outward appearance with just one motor connector. Signals coming from other sensors that are integrated into the digital motor feedback protocol are also transferred. Special processes and the application of pulse transformers ensure that the encoder signal is decoupled from disturbances created by the motor power cable cores.

HIPERFACE DSL supports the functionality of the electronic type label for automatic drive configuration. Motor specifications, serial numbers and part numbers, and other data are stored here and used to adjust the drive to the motor parameters automatically and when servicing is required.

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