Siemens introduces MV540 optical reader

  • November 14, 2017
  • Siemens
Siemens introduces MV540 optical reader
Siemens introduces MV540 optical reader

November 14, 2017 - Siemens is expanding its portfolio of optical read devices to include the Simatic MV500 series. The first device of the new series is the optical reader Simatic MV540. It offers compatibility with the predecessor model Simatic MV440 both mechanically and in terms of programming and interfaces.

Key to the performance of the Simatic MV540 is its computing power, whichaccelerates the read process to up to 100 reads per second. In addition, in-depth evaluation of the image information enables read reliability under adverse conditions. Accessories such as lenses with electronic focus enable a change of focus within just 200 milliseconds.

The optical read device enables customized production and complies with automation requirements in the context of Industry 4.0. It is generally suited for use across many branches of industry, in particular the automotive manufacturing sector and its suppliers, as well as logistics.

Other accessories include flexible-control built-in ring lights with separately configurable ring light segments. These extend the application scope by enabling an increased working distance.

Using the Simatic S7-1500 controller, the Simatic MV540 can also be connected to the open cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere.

The image capture performance of the optical reader Simatic MV540 is due to its variety of resolutions, integrated lighting and electronically controllable lens (E-Focus). The one-button configuration for network parameterization and the one-button read configuration permit device configuration without admin rights using web-based management (WBM). With its one gigabyte (1 GB) working memory, the device can also make extended use of the autotrigger function. With its two separately operating CPU (Central Processing Unit) cores, it is also possible to implement plants with avery high cycle rate and also applications requiring complex algorithms. The language change-over facility, the compliance with all relevant standards and an international support network make the Simatic MV540 suitable for use anywhere around the world. 

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