Siemens introduces TIM 1531 IRC communication module

  • April 27, 2017
  • Siemens
Siemens introduces TIM 1531 IRC communication module
Siemens introduces TIM 1531 IRC communication module

April 27, 2017 - With its TIM 1531 IRC communication module, Siemens is extending its telecontrol product spectrum to include modular RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) on the basis of the Advanced Controller Simatic S7-1500. This module enables  Sinaut ST7 telecontrol solutions to be engineered directly in the TIA Portal (Step 7 Professional V14 SP1). This also applies to the TIM 3V-IE (Advanced) and TIM 4R-IE telecontrol modules for remote terminal units operating on the basis of Simatic S7-300/400. “Data point configuration” in the TIA Portal eliminates the need for programming work to transfer data to the control center.

The module connects Simatic S7-1500-based remote stations to a telecontrol control center using telecontrol protocol Sinaut ST7, and can also be used as a node or master station. In the event of a fault, data losses are prevented and values are transferred in their historically correct sequence after re-establishing the connection to the control center by the integrated processor and a RAM memory which buffers a maximum of 100,000 telegrams with time stamp.

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) can be used to monitor and control geographically widespread automated plants from a control center. For communication the S7-1500 stations with TIM 1531 IRC use public and private networks (remote networks). In order to connect to these networks using external industrial routers such as  Scalance M, the TIM 1531 IRC comes with three Ethernet interfaces and a serial interface for connection of a modem. This allows different redundant transmission channels to be established to a higher-level Sinaut ST7 node or master station, ensuring that the Remote Terminal Units remain available even if the primary connection should fail. Media redundancy with an option of cyclical or event-driven data transmission is supplemented by additional features such as an e-mail facility  to alert maintenance staff in the event of exceeded thresholds, and a   comprehensive range of diagnostic functions.  

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