Tempered Networks announces release of Identity-Defined Networking software

  • October 23, 2017
  • Tempered Networks
Tempered Networks announces release of Identity-Defined Networking software
Tempered Networks announces release of Identity-Defined Networking software

October 23, 2017 - Tempered Networks announced a release of its Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) software that extends IDN and the ability to ‘Bring Your Own Network’ (BYON) to private workgroups and DevOps teams. The release features HIPclient Automation to create secure enclaves for workgroups to connect and protect sensitive data and intellectual property. Also available with this release is the HIP Cloud Connector to connect, segment, peer, and secure DevOps workloads within and across cloud providers. It removes the tight coupling of public cloud networks, which prevents peering between zones, regions, and separate cloud providers. In addition to its IDN software release, the company has expanded its broad portfolio of IDN enforcement points, with the announcement of the HIPswitch 250, a flexible industrial IoT gateway.

Workgroup networking, micro-segmentation and access control is designed to become simpler using HIPclient Automation. It’s now possible to automate networking and granular access control for different workgroups and for every enterprise client, based on verifiable machine identity. Workgroup members, internal or external to an organization, can securely access information and data wherever they’re located using LAN and WAN micro-segmentation and encryption that cannot be violated. The HIPclient contains both network and security policies so access control is moved from the network perimeter to the client itself and can’t be spoofed.

  • Whether clients are accessing workgroup resources using public WiFi, cellular networks, the WAN or the LAN, encrypted access control to explicitly allowed machines always remains in place
  • Only cloaked and segmented, machine-authenticated, and explicitly authorized clients can connect to a workgroup
  • Any changes to client and workgroup secure access can now be accomplished with a click of the mouse using the IDN orchestration engine

DevOps teams can span, connect, and peer instances from any private or public cloud, without constraints. This also removes mobility constraints by enabling DevOps teams to directly access resources from anywhere, without having to modify or change policy as required today with VPNs, firewalls, and router ACLs.

About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the provider of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) enabling instant overlay networks that are available and secure. Networking can now be based on verifiable machine identity creating the industry’s most extensible and secure networking fabric that can instantly connect, protect, and revoke anything, anytime, anywhere. IDN overcomes impassable network provisioning barriers while hardening porous borders through cloaking, instant LAN/WAN micro-segmentation, automatic encryption, and identity-based routing.  

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