TM Robotics announces launch of TVM 6-axis line of robots

  • April 06, 2017
TM Robotics announces launch of TVM 6-axis line of robots
TM Robotics announces launch of TVM 6-axis line of robots

April 6, 2017 –TM Robotics, in partnership with Toshiba Machine, announced the launch of Toshiba Machine’s TVM 6-axis line from the biggest robotics show in the world, Automate. The 6-axis robots are compatible with other Toshiba Machine products, including injection molding machines and machine tools, and are a fit for companies that have material handling and general machine tending needs. The TVM model is a vertically articulated robot series aimed at a multitude of industries, such as automotive components, plastics, medical, packaging, and pharmaceutical, due to its productivity in transfer and assembly and design.

Toshiba Machine has released three models of the TVM – all with varying specifications:

  • TVM900/TSL3200E; Reach 1124mm, Payload 20kg
  • TVM1200/TSL3200E; Reach 1418mm, Payload 15kg
  • TVM1500/TSL3200E; Reach 1715mm, Payload 10kg 

Combined with Toshiba Machine’s robot vision recognition package, TSVision3D, the TVM also supports implementation of bin-picking automation. With such convenience, no CAD data is necessary for model registration. Instead, the introduction of an automated system is supported with an easy calibration procedure.

In addition to the TVM launch, TM Robotics also featured a number of robots and partnerships from the TM Robotics booth at Automate. They include:

  • New partnership with ASG. The TH550A SCARA will be demonstrated with ASG to showcase screwdriver assembly applications.
  • The TVL500 6-axis and the THL300 SCARA. Working together to hold a golf club and putt, demonstrating how each robot can accomplish deliberate tasks that require attention to finite details.
  • The TSVision3D software. Enables system integrators to automate bin picking and is of interest to industries such as food preparation, pharmaceutical, and order fulfillment.

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