VANTIQ announces Summer release of VANTIQ platform

  • June 29, 2017
VANTIQ announces Summer release of VANTIQ platform
VANTIQ announces Summer release of VANTIQ platform

June 27, 2017 —VANTIQ, the real-time application platform company, announced the Summer release of the VANTIQ platform, featuring functionality that enables users to design man-machine collaboration into their applications. Applications built on VANTIQ can now drive autonomous decisions as well as choreograph interactions between systems and people to remediate issues, handle exceptions, improve operations and offer new business opportunities.

With VANTIQ collaboration capabilities, once a situation is identified, a response to the situation is generated. This may be a response initiated autonomously by the system or a response determined via man-machine collaboration among the automation system and the responsible individuals.

For situations where the optimal response may be ambiguous or where determining the optimal response is beyond the capabilities of the system, a man-machine collaboration activity involving the system and the responsible individuals is initiated in order to ensure the optimal response.

Complex, web-scale backend systems handling fleet or repair management, ride-share requests and driver assignments, Industrial IoT problems, business logic for connected products, or supply chain visibility and brand protection, for example, can be designed graphically in days and weeks rather than months or years. Instead of developers writing tens of thousands of lines of code they can focus on the business logic using high level primitives without having to worry about the infrastructure, scaling issues and deployment.

VANTIQ is an integrated platform-as-a-service (PaaS), so there is no need to download or install software to get started. VANTIQ integrates technologies (mobile and IoT) and existing applications (cloud and legacy) to enable collaboration among people and systems. With VANTIQ, a real-time application is developed in a single cloud location and then automatically distributed to the optimal nodes for execution, whether the nodes are cloud hosted, data center hosted, intelligent devices at the edge, or a combination thereof. VANTIQ applications can access both existing IT systems like systems of record (CRM or ERP) and streaming real-time data, giving the system a comprehensive understanding of the situation for which to make decisions. The VANTIQ platform includes the necessary management tools (performance, provisioning, status, logging) required for real-time business and event-driven operations.

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