Visionet announces VisiCapture document capture platform

  • March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017 -- Visionet is pleased to announce the launch of, a cloud-based platform that offers data capture solution and services to automate the document governance and manages the end-to-end lifecycle and streamlines paper-intensive processes.

VisiCapture's mortgage technology drives documents and data into business application and content management systems by automatically identifying documents, collecting and protecting data before it enters mainstream systems and application.

VisiCapture is a workflow based, customizable document and data capture platform that scales to accommodate requirements ranging from a few thousand pages to several million pages per day, in both centralized and distributed environments.

VisiCapture is designed to help companies improve processes, reduce time, effort, costs and it can manage high volumes of documents and data within the organization. VisiCapture's Mortgage Technology is a solution for mortgage banking, healthcare, retail, insurance, financial services, government and manufacturing.

Among several use cases, customers scan mixed batches of the structured documents including tax forms, paper based applications and enrollment applications. VisiCapture also supports semi-structured and unstructured documents like insurance claims, invoices, purchase orders, checks, mortgage and loan documents, medical claims, patient records, legal documents and correspondence letters, and various other documents can be processed without the need of manual sorting or document separators.

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