Wibu-Systems introduces CmStick/CM dongle with flash memory

  • April 03, 2017
  • Wibu-Systems USA
Wibu-Systems introduces CmStick/CM dongle with flash memory
Wibu-Systems introduces CmStick/CM dongle with flash memory

April 3, 2017 –Wibu-Systems introduced CmStick/CM, a newcomer to CodeMeter’s hardware element family for secure key storage.

This dongle adds to a hardware product lineup that already includes dongles without flash memory, standard- size dongles with flash memory, memory cards, and ASICs. The CmStick/CM combines the security capabilities and additional features of all the above form factors in a metal housing that is fully integrated with the USB connector.

The main highlight features of CmStick/CM include:

  • USB 3.1 interface, which comes in handy for heavy-weight data exchange between the flash memory and the computer the unit is plugged into
  • Flash storage memory (initially 8 GB, larger capacities in development), based on 2 Bit Multi-Layer Cell (MLC) technology
  • Infineon SLM97 smart card chip to fuel the full power of CodeMeter
  • Hyperstone U9 flash controller and its patented hymap firmware to meet the most stringent industrial requirements in terms of durability, reliability, and protection against data loss from memory in the event of power outages during writing
  • An optional encrypted partition of the flash memory (CmSecureDisk) where software produced data or machine configuration data can be securely read and written after successful authentication via CodeMeter API

However, the concept that makes CmStick/CM stand out as the is its manufacturing technology called SiP (System in Package). The power of SiP technology lies in its ability to bring together many IC and package assembly and testing techniques to create integrated products. This module creates a s union between the USB connector and the body of the dongle; the connector is no longer subject to bending, vibration, humidity, or temperature shocks; it is part of the housing itself, which makes the stick useful for industrial contexts. 

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