Zaber announces ASR50 stages

  • July 12, 2017
  • Zaber Technologies
Zaber announces ASR50 stages
Zaber announces ASR50 stages

July 12, 2017 - Zaber has released a smaller, flatter version of its ASR stage with an optional motor encoder. ASR50 stages uses proprietary in-house machining techniques for vertical runout, orthogonality, and straightness. This pre-assembled, XY package is 42 mm overall height with a 75 x 75 mm aperture, and is compatible with the Zaber X-MCB2 controller, MetaMorph, and µManager. The ASR50 has been designed to be a general application stage, and will fit most microscopes. Custom brackets and inserts machined in-house are available.

Features include:

  • Precision 2 mm pitch lead screws provide 12 µm accuracy; 2 µm repeatability; 85 mm/s speed
  • 237 x 206 mm
  • Crossed roller bearings on hardened stainless steel rails
  • The perpendicularity of the two axes is defined by alignment features machined into the ASR’s central plate and held to less than 0.013° (0.23 mrads) of 90°

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