Abaco Systems releases AXIS version 7.0

  • September 15, 2016
Abaco Systems releases AXIS version 7.0
Abaco Systems releases AXIS version 7.0

September 14, 2016 - Abaco Systems announced the release of version 7.0 of AXIS, the company’s software environment for the development of embedded computing applications such as radar, sonar, signals intelligence and image processing.

AXIS 7.0 includes:

  • EventView, a performance analysis tool which allows developers to demystify application performance;
  • a full DataView toolkit, for the use of GUIs in embedded applications;
  • an updated version of AXIS MPI with NVIDIA GPUDirect support;
  • support for ARM processors as well as the NVIDIA Tegra K1 and X1;
  • support for all of Abaco’s hardware platforms.

AXIS is a suite of tools and libraries designed to gaid the development of demanding embedded computing applications, complementing the tools and libraries available from the open community to help developers improve application efficiency and reduce development time. It can also aid developers in meeting challenging size, weight and power (SWaP) targets.

It is portable across different operating systems, processor architectures and fabrics, and also scalable: AXIS-developed applications can be run on target systems with a few cores or hundreds of distributed processing cores. By shielding developers from the detail of the underlying hardware platform, AXIS allows them to focus on the specific needs of the application. AXIS is also a tool for speeding the process of debugging and optimizing applications.

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