Aerotech releases QNP2 piezo positioning stage

  • October 03, 2016
  • Aerotech Inc
Aerotech releases QNP2 piezo positioning stage
Aerotech releases QNP2 piezo positioning stage

October 3, 2016 - Aerotech’s QNP2 series XY, parallel-kinematic, piezo positioning stages have a 50 mm x 50 mm clear aperture with closed-loop travels up to 100 µm x 100 µm (open-loop travels to 120 µm x 120 µm). The design is ideal for optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, x-ray transmission microscopy, and other applications where two-sided part access is required.

QNP2 piezo stages employ a parallel-kinematic flexure and metrology design that ensures multi-axis accuracy. FEA-optimized precision flexures ensure high-stiffness and device life. Stiffness and resonant frequency enable process throughput and closed-loop response. The drive design minimizes yaw errors while maintaining an Abbe-compliant metrology system.

All QNP2 piezo stages are available with closed-loop feedback (-C) or open-loop (no feedback). The capacitive sensor parallel-metrology design directly measures the output of the positioning carriage enabling 0.15 nm resolution, 0.01% linearity, and 1 nm bidirectional repeatability.

Aerotech’s Q-series controllers and drives provide a variety of convenient software options. The Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Designer packages have a host of tools such as Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation, and Command Shaping to improve tracking errors and increase step-and-settle times. Aerotech’s controller architecture enables coordinated motion between piezo stages, servos, steppers, and galvos.

An optional mounting plate allows direct mounting to English or metric breadboard optical tables, and a solid tabletop is available. QNP2 piezo stages are also offered in custom materials and vacuum-prepared versions.

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