Fives introduces Landis-Bryant UL2 production grinder

  • February 27, 2017
  • Fives DyAG Corp
Fives introduces Landis-Bryant UL2 production grinder
Fives introduces Landis-Bryant UL2 production grinder

February 27, 2017 –Fives Landis introduced the next product out of its ID/OD line-up to the market. The Landis-Bryant UL2 is an internal production grinder, ideal for processing bores, faces and contours of bearing rings, valve lifters, gears, universal joint cups and CVJ components, suitable for machining workpieces with an external diameter of up to 177 mm.

The Landis-Bryant UL2 has been designed specifically for precision grinding of internal diameters. The machine’s torque tube bed design combined with a “flow-thru” system that circulates oil and coolant through the base provides rigidity and thermal stability to the Landis-Bryant UL2 grinding system. Independent slides in X and Z, each mounted directly to the machine bed, make for a low center of gravity. The machine’s round-bar hydrostatic slide ways in each axis provide a stiff system with minimum friction. Fives uses high resolution servo motors that are directly coupled to super precision ball screws for positioning throughout the entire production cycle.

This machine offers automatic workpiece loading solutions for many applications as well as In- and Post-process gauging in a very compact setup. Other features of the Landis-Bryant UL2 grinder include acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS), automatic taper adjustment, Fanuc i Series as well as various dressing options.

Fives’ ID grinding systems are equipped with Landis-Bryant spindles that contain precision bearings. They are powered by in-house-designed induction motors.

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