Industrial Video & Control introduces T-SERIES Thermal IP Cameras

  • June 13, 2016
  • Industrial Video & Control
Industrial Video & Control introduces T-SERIES Thermal IP Cameras
Industrial Video & Control introduces T-SERIES Thermal IP Cameras

June 13, 2016 –Industrial Video & Control (IVC) announced a line of thermal IP cameras designed for monitoring critical infrastructure and industrial processes. The T-SERIES camera line ranges from basic, compact cameras for surveillance applications to fully-featured radiometric cameras for monitoring temperatures in industrial processes and equipment. The entire line features rugged camera housings, including stainless steel, for challenging environmental conditions.

The T-SERIES cameras for outdoor surveillance produce clear images in complete darkness and in harsh environments where optical cameras alone are not suitable. Camera enclosures are rated either IP66 or IP67 for reliable imaging in smoke, dust, fog, snow, and rain.  Offering excellent long distance performance, the cameras can detect a person-sized target that is 2000 meters away.  The line includes pan/tilt, fixed, and dual imaging models to address a range of perimeter and critical infrastructure security applications.  The cameras can be used with IVC's optical cameras and camera management software to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution.

IVC’s T-SERIES also includes radiometric cameras that can identify hot spots, overheating and hydrocarbon leaks in processes and equipment before a failure occurs.  These cameras are ideal for industrial applications where reliable thermal imaging is critical for ensuring the safety of workers, equipment, and the environment. Common applications include monitoring of flare stacks, electrical systems, conveyor belts, engine test cells, metals production, and petrochemical facilities and pipelines.

IVC’s advanced radiometric cameras also feature network interfaces for easy integration with in-plant SCADA and DCS process monitoring systems.  These cameras can communicate alarms from multiple zones to a plant’s control system via OPC or MODBUS/TCP. Using IVC’s video management software, operators are able to view thermal camera images alongside other critical process data on the same HMI screen for smarter and faster decision-making when events happen.

About Industrial Video & Control Company Founded in 2001, Industrial Video and Control is a leading supplier of cameras and video management software specifically designed for industrial applications. The company’s IP-based video solutions are used by customers worldwide for process evaluation, remote monitoring, personnel safety, site security, and regulatory compliance. IVC’s success in the market has been driven by high-quality products, cost-effective solutions, and outstanding service. Based outside Boston, MA, IVC is an ISO 9001-certified company.

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