ISRA Vision announces Car Paint sensing solution with PAINTSCAN

  • August 04, 2016

August 4, 2016 - ISRA vision announced a robot-guided sensor which inspects the paint surface of vehicles even in motion. Users can measure topographical defects in three dimensions and gain comprehensive information that enables them to systematically optimize production.

With its Car Paint Vision solution, ISRA VISION offers inline inspection of all painted car bodies using four robot-guided sensors within a production run. All relevant defects – including e.g. defects in coating and pigmentation, inclusions and craters, scratches and indentations – are reliably detected and classified.

In addition, the solution supports process optimization based on reliable statistical data. The marking of defect locations reduces reworking, and the inspection of the vehicle using four sensors takes about 60 seconds.

PAINTSCAN combines two surface inspection methods in one hybrid sensor head. Combining these complementary processes ensures re- liable detection of all topographical and non-topographical paint de- fects. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing plants.

Alternatively, the PAINTSCAN solution is also available with deflectometry sensors, with phase-measuring deflectometry integrated into one of the sensor heads. The method requires only a single image to identify defects. The system analyzes the evenness of a surface’s bending to unambiguously classify defects in the lacquer. The inspection is done while the car body is at a standstill.

Detailed information on defects is available almost in real time, also making it possible to adjust parameters as needed. The painting process can be systematically optimized based on the statistical data obtained in order to further reduce the need for reworking  

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