KEB announces C6 I/O EtherCAT Stepper module

  • June 22, 2016
  • KEB America, Inc.
KEB announces C6 I/O EtherCAT Stepper module
KEB announces C6 I/O EtherCAT Stepper module

June 22, 2016 - KEB America announces the release of the C6 I/O EtherCAT Stepper module. It is newest entry in KEB’s C6 line of automation products.

KEB’s remote I/O system is expandable with snap in modules and communicates via an EtherCAT backbone. This allows for real-time communication.  

Used as a remote terminal, KEB’s stepper module is designed to actuate a stepper or brushless DC motor with incremental encoder. It features five digital inputs to be used with limit stops, reference switch or similar signals.  A digital output is also available for a holding brake or similar device. Like other KEB C6 devices it can be commissioned using COMBIVIS 6 studio software and libraries.   KEB’s Studio libraries contain function blocks for setting up the stepper module.

The drive module is compliant to the CiA 402 standard and allows the following drive modes: stepper motor (open or closed loop mode), brushless DC motor, profile position, velocity, profile velocity, profile torque, homing, and cyclic synchronous (position, velocity or torque mode). It also features auto setup mode, automatic brake control, I2T motor overload protection, and user-defined units of measurement.  Finally, the module is cULus listed.

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