LaserLinc introduces Net I/O for TotalV u users

  • August 31, 2016
LaserLinc introduces Net I/O for TotalV u users
LaserLinc introduces Net I/O for TotalV u users

August 31, 2016 – LaserLinc, Inc., a manufacturer of technology for precision measurement, introduced the  Net I/O for 100% Ethernet-based users of Total Vu HMI.  Net I/O is a highly effective process monitoring, control, and reporting platform.

Net I/O is an Ethernet-based digital I/O and control interface add-on for users of Total Vu monitoring and control software.  The add-on provides isolated switch inputs, Form C relay outputs, encoder input, and precision timer-controlled Form A relay outputs.  All I/O is neatly packaged in an enclosure and all connections use detachable screw terminals. 

The Ethernet interface means customers can extend the capability of existing systems by connecting directly to the host PC using a common Ethernet cable or via standard network hardware.  There is no hardware to install in the host PC – it can be installed at any distance away from the host, such as in a controls cabinet, and it works with any PC form factor:  desktop, laptop, notebook, all-in-one, mini-PC, etc.


  • Add switch inputs for external/remote triggering of actions
  • Add relay output for signaling PLCs or activating lights, buzzers or other devices based on monitored process conditions/ dimensions
  • Add relay output for closed loop control of line speed, pressure, RPM, or other device based on a monitored input
  • Track distance or angle for correlation with other measurements and processes
  • Route over standard Ethernet networks with bandwidth usage below 1% (of 100 Mb connection)
  • Unlimited distance between Net I/O enclosure and host PC
  • Add multiple Net I/O devices to the network to  expand I/O capability  

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