METTLER TOLEDO introduces Rainin SmartStand for pipette management

  • February 10, 2017
  • Mettler Toledo
METTLER TOLEDO introduces Rainin SmartStand for pipette management
METTLER TOLEDO introduces Rainin SmartStand for pipette management

February 9, 2017 – By reading the RFID chip in every Rainin XLS and XLS+ pipette, METTLER TOLEDO's Rainin SmartStand is designed to alter how labs manage their pipettes. When a pipette is placed in one of SmartStand's four holders, the color LCD screen instantly displays its current status in a clear visual language: green is ‘good,’ yellow indicates that service is required soon and red signals that the pipette is beyond its service or calibration date. Remove a pipette from the stand and the color screen switches to a more detailed view of its service and asset record.

In addition to pushing a pipette's current status to the benchtop, the included EasyDirect Pipette Asset Management software helpslabs manage their pipette data. Whether a lab has 50 pipettes or 500 (or more), EasyDirect is a Windows-based pipette asset management tool that can connect to multiple SmartStands simultaneously via Bluetooth.

Rather than manually updating a spreadsheet or lab information application (LIMS) every time a pipette is serviced or calibrated, users place the pipettes on a SmartStand to transfer service data from their RFID chips into EasyDirect. Likewise, EasyDirect maintains a profile with 11 customizable fields for each pipette, so lab managers can assign unique information, such as the user and lab, applications and ID/inventory number, to a pipette and record it to its RFID chip. EasyDirect can also help users find pipettes by identifying which SmartStand they're hanging on.

In addition to offering reporting options, EasyDirect also interfaces with Excel and most LIMS applications via file export and import.

SmartStand is customizable and adapts to any lab's standard operating procedures. Each Rainin SmartStand holds up to four manual or electronic Rainin XLS pipettes and automatically charges electronic pipettes when they are placed on the stand. Using the optional clamps, magnets or fasteners, SmartStand's detachable head mounts to a wall or shelf.

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