Micro-Epsilon releases confocalIDT 2471 chromatic controllers

  • October 06, 2016
  • Micro-Epsilon GmbH & Co. KG
Micro-Epsilon releases confocalIDT 2471 chromatic controllers
Micro-Epsilon releases confocalIDT 2471 chromatic controllers

October 6, 2016 - Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a new high speed confocal sensor controller equipped with an integrated LED light source, making it suitable for high speed (up to 70kHz) distance and thickness measurement applications, including high speed surface scanning and topography.

The confocalDT 2471 chromatic controllers are designed for high speed distance and thickness measurements of mirrored, transparent, shiny and diffuse surfaces. The controllers are compatible with all Micro-Epsilon confocal IFS series sensors.

The high light intensity enables reliable measurements on low reflectivity surfaces such as dark, matt objects or for multi-layer thickness measurement of transparent or translucent surfaces. In addition, the excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the confocalDT 2471 controller enables extremely precise measurements in the micron and sub-micron ranges.

For thickness measurement of transparent, multi-layer objects and surfaces, the IFC2471MP (multi-peak) controller enables measurements of up to six layers. Each surface can have individual refractive index coefficients set up, enabling the controller to output the corrected thickness values.

Set up and configuration of the controller and sensors is handled in an integrated web browser. The user connects to the controller via an Ethernet cable. Data output is via Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 or analogue output. High speed triggering for both leading and falling edge encoder signals is also incorporated, as well as smart filtering options.

The confocalDT 2471 is suitable for a wide range of applications including the measurement of cylinder liners (diameter, roundness, roughness and surface structure), maintenance of gas turbines (quality of the bearing race), roughness and surface inspection of micro-machined components.  

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