NEXCOM introduces NexROBO Modular EtherCAT Robotic Solution

  • June 08, 2016
  • Nexcom USA
NEXCOM introduces NexROBO Modular EtherCAT Robotic Solution
NEXCOM introduces NexROBO Modular EtherCAT Robotic Solution

June 9, 2016- NEXCOM introduces NexROBOEtherCAT robotic solution, which brings openness and modularity to the rigid robot architecture. Based on an open and modular architecture, NEXCOM EtherCAT robotic solution delivers development flexibility and expandable functions with both hardware and software building blocks. Integrating a variety of EtherCAT Master controllers, pre-validated third-party EtherCAT slaves, and NEXCOM EtherCAT Master development stack, the solution stimulates the broad use of robotic systems and industrial robots to fuel the robot boom in manufacturing.

NEXCOM EtherCAT robotic solution breaks robot systems into discrete modules to liberate system integrators and robotics engineers from specification lockdown. The solution offers a broad selection of NEXCOM EtherCAT Master controllers, robot arms, drives and motors, I/Os, industrial cameras, and teach pendants; engineers can choose ones that best fit an application’s needs. Building, expanding, and reconfiguring robots with desired functions are now viable and simple thanks to the modular design. This flexibility is further enhanced with NexECM—an EtherCAT Master development stack—of NEXCOM EtherCAT robotic solution.

As EtherCAT communication is leveraged for robotic control, NexECM provides pre-validated compatibility and smooth communication between NEXCOM EtherCAT Master controllers and EtherCAT slave modules from different brands. More importantly, control algorithms are pre-written and APIs embedded to accelerate the planning and control of industrial robots of 6-axis articulated robots, delta robots, and SCARA robots. With unprecedented flexibility from the bottom to the top of the robot development, manufacturers can create robot applications in-house, retaining industry expertise and hands-on knowledge inside the organization.

In addition to industrial robots, the solution can also coordinate with EtherCAT-based industrial automation and control systems, extending the scope of automation across the factory floor. For the implementation of production line integration, collaborative robot (CoBot) systems, machine vision integration, and other advanced control applications, NEXCOM experts are at the service of system integrators and robotics engineers for consult and support.

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