Pathfinder Mesh Network Modbus-to-Wireless

  • June 16, 2016
  • Define Instruments Inc
Pathfinder Mesh Network Modbus-to-Wireless
Pathfinder Mesh Network Modbus-to-Wireless

Pathfinder enables a mesh network of modbus slave devices to be connected wirelessly to a modbus master program. Define Instruments Wireless Pathfinders are the perfect solution for applications that require low data rates and wireless mesh networking across large areas. They employ the Modbus/RTU protocol, simplifying setup and integration with PLCs, and offer a variety of communication methods and topologies to suit different needs for small, medium or large networks. The dual function Wireless Pathfinder can be used as either a Base Node or a Remote Node. So to start a Modbus-to-wireless mesh network, two Pathfinders are all it takes! Better than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi! Unlike Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, Define Instruments Pathfinder nodes implement Mesh Networking, enabling them to connect using multiple pathways. This enables routes to be created between nodes that would otherwise be out of range, allowing the network to be extended across a much wider area. It also increases the stability of the network, because data can easily be rerouted if any node malfunctions. Up to 64 nodes in a single network Connections between nodes are dynamically updated and optimised through sophisticated mesh routing tables, and new nodes can easily be added as needed. Up to 64 Pathfinder nodes can be connected in a single network (1 base and 63 remotes!) and each is capable of transmitting data up to 0.9miles (Line of Sight). Wide Range of Applications Wireless Pathfinders can be used to network entire factories or plants, and are ideal for a host of monitoring and control applications, including:

  • Smart energy/grid
  • Automatic Meter Readings (AMR)
  • Lighting controls
  • Tank monitoring
  • Building automation systems
  • HVAC control

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