PI introduces U-761 and U-780 XY microscope stages

  • November 03, 2016
  • PI Vision
PI introduces U-761 and U-780 XY microscope stages
PI introduces U-761 and U-780 XY microscope stages

November 3, 2016 – Physik Instrumente will introduce two XY microscope stages based on ultrasonic piezo direct-drive motors. Model U-761 provides 25x25mm travel and is equipped with 10nm resolution linear encoders, model U-780 provides 135x85mm. 

PI's ultrasonic direct-drive motors feature millisecond responsiveness and provide a dynamic range, with velocities from <1 micron/second to 120mm/second. The stiff direct drive avoids servo jitter, which can occur with electromagnetic linear direct drive motors due to insufficient damping.

A large aperture and many adapter plates allow for the use of microscope slides, well plates and petri dishes.  An optional PInano Z stage or XYZ piezo flexure stage can be added for applications such as fast focus, single molecule tracking or optical trapping. 

A controller with software support and a joystick are included in the package.  Joystick mode and computer controlled mode can be switched with one button. The advanced digital servo controller (automatic switchover between static and dynamic PID parameters) is optimized for ultrasonic motors to achieve maximum dynamic performance with settling times as low as a few 10 milliseconds without sacrificing resolution and smooth operation. A comprehensive software package is included: drivers for LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux, MATLAB, MetaMorph, µManager, Andor iQ. Interfaces include USB, SPI, RS-232 and analog.   

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