Pickering release PXI Millivolt thermocouple simulator module

  • September 07, 2016
  • Pickering Associates
Pickering release PXI Millivolt thermocouple simulator module
Pickering release PXI Millivolt thermocouple simulator module

September 7, 2016– Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification, introduced their Millivolt Thermocouple Simulator Module.

PXI Thermocouple Simulator Modules (series 41-760) are designed to simulate the operation of a thermocouple. They are available in a choice of 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels—each channel providing a low-voltage output across two connector pins capable of providing ±20mV with 0.7µV resolution, ±50mV with 1.7µV resolution and ±100mV with 3.3µV resolution, covering most thermocouple types.

These thermocouple simulators use two wire outputs with a remote output reference sense to ensure the modules deliver accurate voltages. In addition, each simulation channel is also able to provide an open circuit setting to simulate faulty wiring connections to a sensor. For improved accuracy, each channel of the Low Voltage Source carries accurate calibration data stored on the module. The module also includes a calibration multiplexer for module test and verification purposes.

The 41-760 simulator modules can be connected into the thermocouple measurement system. To aid in this, Pickering offers a connector solution that has 8, 16, 24 or 32 copper twisted pairs terminated with mini copper thermocouple plugs. Pickering can also supply connector blocks that convert the module’s 78-pin connector to terminal blocks to ease user wiring, or design alternative customized interconnections solutions.  

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