Smart Attend project introduces manufacturing communication solution

  • September 07, 2016
Smart Attend project introduces manufacturing communication solution
Smart Attend project introduces manufacturing communication solution

September 7, 2016 - Introducing Smart Attend, a solution to complete manufacturing facility communication. Starting at $1,500 USD, Smart Attend is capable of collecting and organizing data for pareto analysis, individual manufacturing goal parameters with active lighting response, remote global access to historical production data, automated resource deployment, up to 8 individual line inputs for collecting machine data, over 150 LED bulbs capable of flashing a wide variety of colors, and a built-in speaker capable of 100dB volume level.

The Smart Attend system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, with initial registration and setup beginning on a PC through a micro USB cable. Further Smart Attend settings can be configured over the network via the Smart Attend App. Utilizing ‘plug and play’ functionality, initial configuration can be completed in 20 minutes without requiring any additional resources. With Smart Attend integrating into the existing PLC, the ‘Smart Connect’ voltage harmonizer commonizes input voltage to 24v to ensure integration across a range of platforms.

Full Smart Attend capabilities include;

• Automated resource deployment (notifications relayed to set departments, depending on the alarm triggered) • Hourly, weekly, monthly, annual historical analysis of machine data • Configurable flash colours, speed, intervals (RGB slider determines flash colour) • Custom audio played through integrated speaker (compatible with any WAV file) • Mobile app ensures Smart Attend is accessible from around the globe • Optional “Smart Connect” voltage harmonizer ensures input power is standardized to 24v

The Smart Attend project began in early 2014 with the vision of designing a solution that allows facilities to quickly and effectively access their data. With international collaboration from some of industry innovators, Smart Attend overcame numerous design challenges in order to deliver the product.

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