AAEON announces BOXER-6652 and BOXER-6852 Embedded PCs

  • February 16, 2016
  • AAEON Electronics, Inc.
AAEON announces BOXER-6652 and BOXER-6852 Embedded PCs
AAEON announces BOXER-6652 and BOXER-6852 Embedded PCs

February 16, 2016 —AAEON announces BOXER-6652 and BOXER-6852 embedded box PCs for high loading industrial automation applications.

The Intel Core Processor i5-4402E driving the systems not only packs much more processing power, the chips also have enhanced graphical support capabilities for wider adoption. The systems are further backed by three simultaneous video outputs, with HDMI, DVI, and VGA options.

To cater for use in a factory setting, the systems support wide voltage input of 9 ~ 30 V with over-voltage, low-voltage, surge, reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Some COM ports carried by the systems are isolated for protection against electrical surges and unwanted noise. They also sport a fanless design and are built to work in temperatures ranging from -20 ~ 60°C, a range wider than similar products on the market. Furthermore, both systems are cable-free, thus greatly enhance reliability, a fact reflected by their MTBF of more than 80,000 hours.

Though both systems are similarly built, the BOXER-6852 adds two additional PCI/ PCIe slots as an expansion option. With it, peripheral cards and modules like graphics cards or PoE modules can be used for a more well-rounded system, not only capable of computing, but act as a simple IoT device, as well.

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