ACP updates ThinManager software

  • February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016 - Automation Control Products released ThinManager 8.1 which now includes the Relevance mobility management features as part of the core platform technology. Relevance is a location-based mobile management solution that will securely deliver applications and content to specified areas that are defined by using one or more location resolver technologies such as QR codes, Bluetooth beacons, WiFi, and GPS.

These resolvers can be combined to ensure no data are ever delivered outside of an authorized location by creating geo-fences that lock down delivery of plant floor applications and information. This prevents plant floor control applications from being accessed in break rooms, parking lots or anywhere else that falls outside of authorized delivery locations, regardless of network access.

With the inclusion of Relevance, ThinManager can manage every device from PC to thin client to mobile device as well as every user on an automation network. ThinManager also supports a large number of industrialized thin client devices from multiple suppliers around the globe. 

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