Balluff announces Advanced SMARTLEVEL level sensor

  • March 14, 2016
Balluff announces Advanced SMARTLEVEL level sensor
Balluff announces Advanced SMARTLEVEL level sensor

March 14, 2016 - Balluff announces Advanced SMARTLEVEL level sensor suitable for level detection applications involving liquids, powders, granulates, paste like medias, such as grease, cleaning fluids, and acids and bases.

This sensor combines standard capacitive sensing technology and the SMARTLEVEL technology enabling the ability to sense solids and highly conductive acids and bases with the utmost reliability.

The Advanced SMARTLEVEL is housed in 316 stainless steel for the most aggressive environments. The PEEK sensing nose will provide protection against sticky and adhesive materials. This combination of housing materials gives the sensor an IP69 rating and is suitable for use in autoclaves for one hour. When used with the proper mounting accessories the sensor can be used in hygienic applications. Integration into control systems is fast and flexible with either discrete outputs or with IO-Link communication. Teaching the Advanced SMARTLEVEL without IO-Link is easy with the remote teach-in connection or with parametrization through IO-Link.

Features / Benefits

  • Balluff’s SMARTLEVEL technology
  • IO-Link or discrete output versions
  • Detects conductive fluids, solids and granulates
  • 316 stainless steel and PEEK housing
  • Remote teach via white wire
  • Excellent foam and deposit compensation
  • Suitable for use in autoclaves
  • IP68 / IP69K
  • Can be installed in plastic or metal tanks
  • Advantages of SMARTLEVEL
  • Ignores foaming, filming or material buildup preventing false triggers
  • Reliably detects highly conductive acids and bases up to 100mS/cm
  • Helps eliminate unnecessary cleaning due to filming or material clinging to the sensing face
  • Adjustment free after initial setup

About Balluff Inc. Balluff Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Balluff GmbH, Neuhausen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of inductive, photoelectric, vision, capacitive and magnetic sensors as well as linear position transducers, RFID systems, and networking products.  Balluff products for OEM and factory floor solutions are used to control, regulate, automate, assemble, position, and monitor manufacturing, assembly, and packaging sequences for industries including: metalworking, automotive, plastics, material handling, wood processing, aerospace, alternative energy, medical, electrical, and electronics.

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