Baumer introduces HMG 10 and PMG 10 encoders

  • May 27, 2016
  • Baumer Ltd.
Baumer introduces HMG 10 and PMG 10 encoders
Baumer introduces HMG 10 and PMG 10 encoders

May 27, 2016 - Baumer expanded their portfolio of HeavyDuty encoders. The encoder series HMG 10 and PMG 10 are specifically designed to address application needs in the Metal & Steel, Ports, and Mobile Automation industries. Baumer HMG 10 and PMG 10 encoders merge the practice-proven concept of bearings on both sides, precision sensing and the patented Baumer energy harvesting technology, MicroGen.

A resilient housing, fixed/floating bearings on both sides, and hybrid ball bearings are the cornerstones for the Baumer HeavyDuty encoders. The magnetic precision sensing supplies a signal quality which is nearly identical to that of optical sensing principles - but withstanding dust, dirt and condensation. Even at high temperatures up to +100°C and in adverse environments the shock-and vibration resistant sensing technology ensures precision signals for processing accuracy and control quality in the application.

Centerpiece in the series is MicroGen technology, the energy harvesting approach which is designed to withstand harsh HeavyDuty conditions. The patented revolution counter is powered by the energy generated by the encoder shaft rotation. Gearless and without battery, the counter is immune to wear, dust and magnetic fields.

Where required, besides the absolute position information, the encoder provides, at a specific measuring point, up to two galvanically-isolated incremental outputs with zero pulse and integrated speed switch. This way, one encoder is sufficient to supply the relevant signals for control, converter and other control loops.

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