B&R adds audit trail to its mapp software

  • December 09, 2015
  • B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
B&R adds audit trail to its mapp software
B&R adds audit trail to its mapp software

December 9, 2015 - B&R adds audit trail to its mapp software. For applications subject to the FDA's Title 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, this means both accelerated development and reduced investment risk. The ability to retrace actions performed on a machine can also be of great service to its manufacturer in the event of warranty claims.

Companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries need the ability to log operations performed by users seamlessly and without risk of tampering. The mapp audit component is quick and easy way to implement and customize the necessary audit trail.

There is no need to write a program for the audit trail function; all that is needed is to configure the machine-specific parameters. mapp audit automatically retrieves the information it needs about the operator from the mapp user component using the client-server principle. Audit trail data is stored in memory with a checksum mechanism for tamper resistance. The data can be output in an encrypted file or viewed on the HMI using the integrated mapp audit visualization.

mapp audit offers benefits for other industries as well. It enables manufacturers of all types of machinery and equipment to review operator activity in order to determine whether a system has been used appropriately. It is equally possible to determine whether equipment has been used outside the specified operating times – an indication that employees are engaging in unauthorized production for their own profit.

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