Calex introduces FXP dc/dc converters

  • November 12, 2015
Calex introduces FXP dc/dc converters
Calex introduces FXP dc/dc converters


November 12, 2015 -  Calex introduces FXP dc/dc converters with a 9 to 36VDC input range. Up to three full bricks can be set up in parallel with no external circuitry required for output power of up to 2.8kW.


Current sharing among the converters is achieved using the droop method therefore no current share pin is required. 

The output voltages of the FXP are 24 and 28VDC.   Input to output isolation is 2250VDC.  The efficiency of the FXP runs as high as 96.5%.  The converters’ high efficiency and high power density is accomplished through the use of high efficiency synchronous rectification technology, advanced electronic circuit, packaging and thermal design thus resulting in a high reliability product. 


The 24V output FXP provides up to 42A of output current and the 28V model provides up to 36A.  Both models will operate down to a no load condition.  The output noise of the 24V model is 240mV peak to peak and the 28V model is 280V peak to peak.  Line regulation is 0.05% typ and load regulation is 0.56V for the 24Vout model and 0.65V for the 28V model.  Output voltage setpoint accuracy is +/-0.25%.  The temperature coefficient is 0.015%/C. 


Both models feature ON/OFF.  The OFF state idle current is 3mA, making the FXP ideal for battery powered applications.  The MTBF of the FXP is 5.4M hours.  Both models are protected by over current shutdown, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.  The case operating temperature range of the FXP is -40 to 100ºC.  An extended temperature range version of the product, the “-T”, has a case operating temperature of -55 to 105ºC including cold start at -55ºC.  Both models are designed to meet UL/cUL 60950, IEC/EN 60950-1 and MIL-STD-810G for functional shock and vibration.  The case dimensions are 2.5” x 4.7” x 0.52”H.

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