Device Solutions Inc Introduces Cellio LoRa Wireless System

  • November 10, 2015
  • Wireless Device Solutions
Device Solutions Inc Introduces Cellio LoRa Wireless System
Device Solutions Inc Introduces Cellio LoRa Wireless System

November 10, 2015 – Device Solutions  announced Cellio LoRa long-range low-power wireless network system for end-to-end automation and instrumentation.

Cellio wireless gateways and transceivers use LoRa (Long Range radio, approximately 1 mile) to connect sensors and controllers wirelessly to the network. Gateway devices connect to internal and external networks, the internet, and cloud data systems via CDMA-Cellular, GSM-Cellular, or Wi-Fi 802.11bgn.  This low cost and easy to install system enables companies to gain visibility into their operations and assets (sensors, instruments, equipment, location, usage, status, decision making, supply chain, operator indicators, etc.).

Cellio gateways can be used stand-alone or configured with transceivers to optimize architecture, data transmission, and connections.  Cellio is suited for single locations as well extensive enterprise configurations where there may be upwards of millions of sensors and controls connected to equipment across the continent.  Partnered with cellular carriers, back-end cloud platforms, sensor instrumentation companies, and technology core companies - full enterprise-level-solution installations can be quick, easily scaled, and very affordable.

The Cellio LoRa family of wireless devices includes three distinct and configurable product options:

1. Gateways – CDMA-Cellular, GSM-Celluar, or Wi-Fi connections to the network utilize a 900MHz LoRa radio to connect a network of transceivers for data capture and control.  Each gateway can cover over 3 square miles containing hundreds of widely dispersed transceivers.

2. Transceivers - up to 16 general-purpose inputs/outputs (GPIO) support connecting up to 16 sensors or controls per transceiver. The transceivers use a 900MHz LoRa radio to connect through gateways to the network.  Transceivers make the system incredibly flexible and cost competitive.

3. All-in-One Devices – these devices include CDMA-Cellular, GSM-Cellular and/or Wi-Fi radios, the 900MHz LoRa radio, and 16 GPIO's. These are perfect for maximizing tracking, sensing, controlling, and communicating with assets throughout the enterprise.

 How Much: Depending on the installation configuration, pricing can be based on an all-inclusive monthly service, an all upfront hardware cost, or combination of the two.  Typically the hardware is in the low $100's for the devices, sensors, and installations while the monthly amounts can be sub $10 for each device that is monitored or controlled.  If a facility already has sensors and controllers in place, Cellio can be used to wirelessly connect them to the network and make the data quickly and easily accessible for dashboard views and back-end data systems for supply chain, sales force and inventory management optimization.

Cellio LoRa cellular gateways include GPS capabilities that can be used to track the location of both stationary and mobile assets (vehicles, equipment, generators, etc.).  The Cellio enclosures are designed for environmentally demanding applications (industrial, agricultural, farming, transportation, mining, and many others).

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