Harmonic filter reactor /detuned reactor 7% or 14%

  • May 23, 2016
  • Sikes Electric Co.,Ltd
Harmonic filter reactor /detuned reactor 7% or 14%
Harmonic filter reactor /detuned reactor 7% or 14%

CKSGL series detuned chokes are placed in reactive power compensation application and used to prevent parallel resonance and amplification harmonic current occurring.

Material Features:

  • High heat resistance level
  • high insulation strength,
  • Core with cold-rolled silicon steel sheets,
  • High linear it and high overload capacity.

VPI process makes immersion oil fully, thicker oil film, low noise and corrosion resistance. Characteristic of this series

Capacity: 5KVA-100KVA

Inductance value: 0.49-9.65mH

Voltage grade: 380V/690V/1140V Current range: 8.7-179A Voltage drop: 0-7%

Operating frequency: 50-60Hz Protection class: IP00 Insulation class:

F Terminals: copper clad aluminum or aluminum

Application: Restrain high harmonic, limit operating impulse.

Improve system power factor, prevent harmonic capacitor causing harm results. Avoid excessive amplification and resonanceof harmonic wave to the power grid when capacitior equipments access in

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