ifm Introduces 3D Smart Sensor

  • December 06, 2015
  • ifm efector inc
ifm Introduces 3D Smart Sensor
ifm Introduces 3D Smart Sensor

December 6, 2015 - ifm Introduces 3D Smart Sensor, a 3D depth camera designed to benefit industrial robotics, material handling and packaging applications.

The 3D Smart Sensor includes two “pre-built” applications: Case Completeness and Box Dimensioning.

Case Completeness The Smart Sensor’s Case Completeness application is designed to verify that a case contains all necessary products. It ensures that all contents are properly placed in the case, eliminating the potential for short shipments and damaged products.

It is also color independent - not impacted by color or ambient lighting; making it ideal for detecting different packaging varieties. The 3D Smart Sensor can also digitally change between application “recipes,” making it extremely reliable in industrial applications and the perfect fit for today’s flexible packaging lines.

Box Dimensioning Box Dimensioning is another important function of the 3D Smart Sensor. Obtaining the dimensions of a case can be critical in material handling applications. Dimensions can be used to confirm sequencing of products for mixed-case palletizing or for sized-based sortation. Incorrect measurements can lead to crashes in both applications, and the process must stop completely until the proper sized case is found, causing delays. The 3D Smart Sensor can dimension boxes/cases to an accuracy of +/- 10mm.

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